Lerwick Coop Car Park

The main contractor Wates, brought in specialists Avonside to refurbish the exterior of our local Coop Supermarket. They enlisted our expertise to bring the car park up to the desired standard.

Project Details
Project Started:July 11th 2016
Project Ended:August 26th 2016

This interesting project had a particular challenge - as there was no internal refurbishment, and in order to minimalise the impact on the local community, we had to resurface the car park while it was still in use. Obviously this meant sectioning off a bit at a time which is not ideal, but our dedicated team rose to the challenge and as the photos suggest, did a sterling job. So much so that the initial feedback from management was that there had been an immediate positive impact on footfall!

Due to the nature of the works on the roof, and the fact we had one or two days of 'Shetland' summer weather,  we also provided much needed local labour support to the painting squad.

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