Aithsetter Driveway # 2

Although this driveway was not untidy, we still managed to create quite a transformation as you can see.

Project Details
Client:Ritchie Simpson
Project Started:August 11th 2016
Project Ended:September 2nd 2016

This driveway needed a fair amount of detailed work to give the property that quality finished look.

There was some wooden edging creating a border between the driveway and the lawn - this had to be replaced and extended with kerbing.

The drainage had to be improved and the whole area had to be graded to make sure any surface water was dealt with efficiently.

The rotating clothes dryer that was in the driveway, had to be moved to the edge of the lawn - still nae gutter on da smuks!

And as a bonus, we used the surplus tar to improve the access road into the property.

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